Wednesday, 18 September 2019

The Chair by Pamela King

As the sun set a red sky loomed overhead. “It will be a hot one tomorrow,” Rose thought as she opened the front door of her grandfather’s house and sighed.

“Oh Granddad, how will I cope without you? How am I going to manage cleaning out this place?”

She slowly walked through each room lovingly touching the photos and memorabilia on display.

“I can’t do it,” she sobbed. “Maybe if I start in the attic. There are things there I am less familiar with, it will be easier.”

The timber creaked and groaned as she climbed the stairs to the loft.

The last light of the day filtered through the dusty small window. In the shadows she noticed the chair, the one her grandfather had made back in 1953. It was one of four he had made for his new bride.

As she sat in the chair, she heard music that reminded her of the American Graffiti soundtrack.

Where was it coming from?

She stood up to look around. The music stopped. When she sat again in the chair the music began.

She closed her eyes, lost in the words and beat of the music. A familiar scent wafted past. Sandalwood. The same fragrance in her grandfather’s after shave.  She knew her grandfather was there in the attic with her to guide and protect her.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

John A. Heldt: For writers, advice is abundant

John A. Heldt: For writers, advice is abundant: In On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft , Stephen King advises fellow scribes to "Write with the door closed, rewrite with the door open.&...

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Merigal Dingoes – Review by TeamGolfwell

Five Stars. I enjoyed reading “Merigal Dingoes: An Anthology of Dingo Stories from Merigal Dingo Sanctuary” by Pamela King which is a wonderful collection of dingo stories. This anthology includes stories by Berenice Walters, the founder of the Australian Native Dog Training Society later renamed the Australian Native Dog Conservation Society and Pamela King and others (even one by “Harry Dingo aka Harry Houdini” Haha!). An excerpt from one of the stories by Berenice,

“The Dingo is the embodiment of a free and natural spirit; independent, noble and aloof, dignified and graceful, quiet and reflective; an animal of tremendous loyalty and compassion for members of their family group or the human fortunate enough to have the trust and love of this most intriguing native Australian. There are countless tales of the devotion of the Dingo to a mate caught in a trap, poisoned, or incapacitated in some way; of a bitch deliberately making a target of herself to decoy a would-be enemy from her helpless pups; not aggressive enough to attack, but courageous enough to die for those she loves.”

Filled with intriguing, humorous, moving, thought-provoking, heart-breaking and heart-warming stories of this amazing breed of dog, I felt humbled reading about the instinctive traits of the Dingo such as a trust, loyalty, heroic acts, and unbending devotion.

Berenice Walters studied dingoes for over 40 years. The noble traits of this breed made Bernice better understand herself and she steadfastly promoted the breed, so humankind would likewise better understand themselves and the sometimes-forgotten noble qualities that every human possesses.

Pamela King, a very close friend of Berenice and herself a board member with the Australian Native Dog Conservation Society, has included some of her stories and inserted intriguing pictures throughout the book bringing the stories more to life and engaging me even more as I read this wonderful book.

I finished this anthology sooner than expected and felt gratified with the new knowledge and warm feelings from this anthology. 

Another excerpt about Berenice’s much loved and special house dingo, Sheila,

“During the night she (Sheila) would regularly check to make sure Berenice (who was suffering from motor neuron disease) was there. Berenice would hear her claws clicking on the tile floor, then feel breathing close to her face. If she appeared asleep, Sheila would return to her bed; if she opened her eyes, Sheila slowly wagged her tail in greeting.”

This anthology is refreshing for all ages. It reminds the reader the higher qualities of life especially and shows a young adult reader the greater good in us all. Highly recommended!

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

The Seven Days of Canine Creation – Author Unknown

The first day of creation, God created the dog.

The second day of creation, God created man to serve the dog.

The third day, God created furniture for the dog to use as he wishes.

The fourth day, God created the tennis ball so that the dog might or might not retrieve it.

The fifth day, God created honest toil so that man could labour for the good of the dog.

The sixth day, God created veterinary science to keep the dog healthy and the man broke.

The seventh day, God tried to rest ... but he had to walk the dog.

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Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Dora Arrives – Extract from For the Love of a Dingo by Berenice Walters and Pamela King

Our very first Dingo arrived, it seemed, by accident. A gentleman wishing to purchase a Cattle Dog pup broached the subject of Dingoes and my efforts to have it recognised officially as native fauna.

He asked me if I would like a female pup, guaranteed pure bred, but no questions asked.

The incredible dream I had nurtured for so long looked like it could at last become a reality. I did not really believe it could come true until she was actually handed over to me, a little fearful bundle of grey. I had told no one, not even my family.

Dora was about 7 weeks of age when she arrived at our home. She was petrified of humans, and extremely cautious of everything, though she showed interest in the other dogs kennelled here, and they in her.

When I took her in my arms she tried to hide from the world by burying her head under my arm.  As a baby she always did this when approached by strangers.

I first took her into the house and gently put her down on the floor, trying to reassure her continually with my voice. She flew into a dark corner under the lounge, petrified. Talking to her quietly, I gradually put my hand on her and carefully edged her to me. Although frantic with fear she did not attempt to bite though she squealed in alarm and growled.

When the family came home, each was speechless in horror. Then, "Mum! That's a Dingo! We'll all end up in gaol. Get rid of it."

My pup and I just clung together, instinctively knowing that we belonged together; that this was our destiny.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Thrilled to see a favourite author in print.

Reviewing for Indie authors usually means the books come as an eBook. One of the yard sticks I use to assess the book is asking myself “Do I want this book on my bookshelf ?” 

With John A Heldt’s books the answer is always “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

I’m thrilled to see his books are now not only available in print but also through Audible.

Heldt writes time travel books but not with the usual sci-fi approach. The stories combine well researched history, a little romance, humour and likeable characters. They are clean, non-violent and great reading.

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