Thursday, 3 March 2016

What is this thing called aging?

Many years ago, after telling about his time as an operatic baritone, his beautiful wife and his experiences during WWI ago a dear old friend of 92, Ambrose Bourke, commented that when you get old you don’t have the future; you look forward to only the past to reminisce about.

As I approach 67, admittedly 25 years younger than Ambrose was at the time, I have begun to wonder how long it would be before I too would feel that way. Yes, it is true I can’t do the things I used to or even the things I dreamed of doing.

But as I reminisce I realise I still have things to look forward to as well as be grateful for.

There are always friends to chat to and new books to read.  I’ve seen my son happily married and there are grandchildren look forward to – one day.

I may not be able to travel beyond these shores or attempt exciting experiences but I’m grateful for the opportunities I have had and I enjoy experiencing distant lands through my kids. Last year they trekked to Mt Everest and soon they are off to Japan.

I have published two books. Something I never expected or even dreamed of doing. As I research the life of an amazing lady for my third book I am meeting new people, making new friends and learning so much more than I expected at this time of life.

At the same time yes, I reminisce about the past. I look at how life was and how it is today. Is it better or worse? I guess if I could choose I’d take a little of this from the past and a little of that from the today and just a dash of something from the future.

I enjoy my reminiscing and I enjoy telling young ones what life was like “back in the old days”.Just as I listened and learnt from Ambrose I hope my young ones will humour me and listen but I also hope they remember that there may well be a lesson to be learnt