Monday, 24 September 2018

Births Deaths and Marriages

I was reading another thought from “The Year Ambles On” by Betty Sharpe where she says the first page of the newspaper she turns to is Births, Death and Marriages.

She comments on how the front page is full of violence and hardship around the world, but announcements of births, engagements, marriages and wedding anniversaries are bursting with anticipation and contentment. It reminds of the words of the Graeme Connors song Births Deaths and Marriages.

The song tells of neighbours who are sometimes unable to find both copies of their morning paper. He smiles to himself when his spritely eighty-two-year-old neighbour is happy with just the Births, Deaths and Marriages section and happy for him to take the rest.

She explains why in the words of the song:

I know the world has its problems
Problems that need to be solved but
From what I see in the headlines each day it's
All out of my control so a
Gift for a baby, a sympathy card or a
Prayer for a couple in love is
Something I can do that might make a difference no
Matter how small

Maybe we should take the advice from time to time to read the births, deaths and marriages and put some happiness into another person’s life.

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Monday, 17 September 2018

Dogs Live Here

If you don't want to be greeted with paws and swinging tails, don't come inside-because DOGS live here.

If you don't like the feel of a cold nose or a wet tongue, don't come inside-because DOGS live here.

If you don't want to step over many scattered toys, don't come inside-because DOGS live here.

If you think that a home ought to smell like perfume, don't come inside-because DOGS live here.

But if you don't mind all this, you will instantly be loved when you do come inside-because DOGS live here.  

 Author: David Lester-Humane Society Volunteer

For the Love of a Dingo - Revised Edition now available

Now available – the revised edition of For the Love of a Dingo.

I was very disappointed with the proofing of the original publication of this book, so I have corrected errors and published a revised edition.

I can make it available to Australian buyers for $14.00 including postage via my website

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Sunday, 9 September 2018

My Thursdays by Pamela King

A tiny hand holds mine as we farewell Mummy.

“No Kenzie, you can’t go on your slide, the grass is wet. Let’s go and put some shoes on.”

The minor tantrum is ignored. I find her chalk buried under a plant and start drawing on the footpath. The distraction works and soon she has taken over the chalk to create footpath masterpieces.

Slipping inside, I play her Wiggles guitar. It soon has her running in to do the actions of “Rock-a-bye Your Bear.” Front door is closed until the grass dries.

“Dug Dug” she says. I’ve left Dug the Pug outside. The door is quickly opened and closed again.


More Wiggles music, with actions, is played then she wanders off to her toys. She brings me her shapes bucket. The lid is a bit stiff, so she needs help. I tip all the shapes on the lounge and replace the lid.

The shapes are quickly put through the right holes and the bucket is handed back to me. “More” I am told, and we repeat the process six times. I make a mental note to recommend a more difficult puzzle for this child.

She is now standing at the end of the hall. Her little hand gesturing me to follow. In her room she begins looking at her books. “What about this one?” I ask. “Nope.” “This one?” “Nope”. “Which one do you want us to read?” Finally, she picks about four. She sits on the lounge, taps the cushion and tells me “sit.” We read the books, well, I try to read while she turns pages. We make all the appropriate animal noises.

Morning tea time. I have some delicious yoghurt with fresh fruit with me. I get two spoons, lift her into her high chair and we share. When I’ve had my fill, I leave her with the rest. Oh damn! I didn’t put her bib on. It’s got blueberries. The stain is not only all over her face and hands but on her clothes too. (Mummy will be pleased).

Mess cleaned up I lift her from her chair saying “Up, up up” then “down, down, down”. Just like in the Wiggles song. “More” I am told so we repeat it another four times.

Back on the lounge she takes my had and starts drawing circles with her finger. I know what she wants. “Round and round the garden……….” repeated again, and again. She pulls off her slippers and shoves her foot in my face. “This little piggy…..” You guessed it repetition.

She takes my hands to get me to stand and we pretend she is pulling me across the room, then pushing, then pulling, then….

She is amusing herself, so I slip into the kitchen and empty the dishwasher. Here comes my little helper.

Grass is finally dry so out we go into the sunshine to play. After about half an hour she is happy to come back inside.

Time for lunch. Ham sandwich for the little one and a ham and salad wrap for me. She eats the ham and offers the bread to Dug. “No, Kenzie not for Dug.” I get a sweet smile. You know the one – condescension. “More.” She eats the ham and cheese from my wrap. I take a small fruit juice from my bag. She knows there is a second one and looks for it. “What do you say Kenzie?” “Pees.” It is said in a way her mouth forms an irresistible smile. Who can say no?

She plays for a little while but is starting tire and asks for her dummy “Nunga nunga.” “If you want your nunga nunga you have to go to bed.” Firm shakes of the head.

She points to the remote control. OK if there is no sleep we’ll have some quiet time. We watch the Wiggles (and both of us must do the actions)

She is starting to get drowsy, so I get her dummy and bunny. Cuddle and rock her then put her in her cot and pat her back. She is soon in the land of the fairies.

I’ve brought some work with me but opt to watch television for a while. As soon as I sit on the lounge I have a little black pug cuddled up on my lap. This is his time.

After an hour or so I hear her stirring. She is standing in her cot still drowsy but with the same sweet smile. We cuddle on the lounge and I switch the television to “Word Party”

Now wide awake, she takes my hand and leads me to the kitchen showing me she wants something from the pantry. “Use your words Kenzie.” “Pees Nanna”.

An afternoon snack then we pass the afternoon much the same as the morning.

A car pulls in the driveway. “Mummy!!!” as she runs to the door.

It’s time to go. I get the best good-bye cuddles and kisses.

Oh, how I love my Thursdays with this delightful child.

I drive home with Wiggles songs in my head. They should disappear by about ………. next Wednesday.