Monday, 11 February 2019

A Long Way to the Publisher

It’s not far from my desk to my husband’s side of the office but it takes a while to get my book there and ready for publishing.

My husband: “Is your book ready to be formatted?"

Me: “Um, yes, and no.”

You could say my husband is my publisher. He formats my manuscript into print and eBook editions for publishing with Ingram Spark.

My husband: “You’ve set a date for the book launch. I need to get onto the formatting.”

Me: “I’ve just come across some new information I’d like to include, and Carlo is fixing some of the photos.”

Carlo is my step-son and my graphic designer. He designs my book covers and smartens up old photos.

My husband: “You know I need at least a full week to get it ready for printing.”

Me: “But I think I need to go through it one more time.”

My husband walks off shaking his head. He’s not a writer, he just doesn’t understand.

Two days later:

Me (worried he hasn’t started my book): “Did you see the USB stick on your desk? It’s got the manuscript and photos on it.”

My husband: “Yes, of course I did.”

Me: “When are you going to start it?” You know I have set a date for the launch and need to get it out to some reviewers.”

My husband: “It is only going to take a week.”

Another two days later:

Me: Where are you up to?

My husband: I don’t know. Cornelius, I think.

Me: Is that all? Don’t forget Carlo can’t do the cover until we know how many pages.

I am not even going to try and recount two-day conversation between husband and stepson about husband needing cover to finish book and stepson needing to know the final number of pages to finish the cover.

Needless to say, it does all come together in the end.

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Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Books on the Rail – a great idea to encourage reading

Living in a semi-rural area I don’t often travel by public transport but recently had to go to Sydney by train. I had seen the books at Picton railway station and the sign inviting travellers to pick a read for their journey and thought it was something only they did.

Picking up a book of interest I noticed a sticker telling me to take the book home, read it and return it for someone else to read. What a great idea!

Books on the Rail, founded by booklovers Ali and Mich, is based on London’s Books on the Underground. Ali and Mich launched Books on the Rail in April 2016 by leaving their own books and others purchased from second-hand bookstores on Melbourne trains and trams. Thanks to support of other readers Books on the Rail is now Australia wide.

Books set loose on Australian public transport services include a wide range of genres including historical fiction to memoirs to psychological thrillers to colouring in books in circulation. They're there to be taken, read (or coloured!), shared, and of course, enjoyed! Once thoroughly satisfied, the books are to be released back into the wild, ready to be discovered, time after time, by unsuspecting commuters.
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